Vodka Martini splashing

Woody Creek Vodka

From the distillers who practice what they preach, Woody Creek Vodka brings you a full-bodied potato vodka flavor that you can’t get anywhere else—here’s why. Woody Creek is the only distillery in the United States that controls 100% of the entire distilling process. No outsourcing, no BS. They know what they want their vodka to taste like from the moment they plant their potatoes.

Mainstream potato vodka doesn’t stand a chance in the shadow of Woody Creek. The flavors domineer their way through your taste buds, bringing you along for the ride as the dryness overtakes your senses like those exaggerated winter mint gum commercials. It’s the vodka you pour at the end of the wedding reception; the vodka you bring out of the cabinet for those special occasions, the pivotal moments. No matter the event, you can always take a swim in the Woody Creek.


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