Corksicle Whiskey Wedge Glass with bar tools

Whiskey Wedge

There’s yet another innovative way to enjoy drinks without watering them down. It’s called the Whiskey Wedge, and it’s the latest in liquid-chilling technology, making drinking your favorite spirits leisurely, whether it’s bourbon, whiskey, vodka, tequila, or scotch. Quite frankly, it’s not all that different from whiskey stones or massive ice balls most of us drinkers have probably tried. The old-fashioned square whiskey glass has a heavy bottom and a black thick silicone ice mold, packaged with easy to follow directions. You are to place the silicone form over the top of the glass and fill it with water.


After, insert the rubber wedge and store flat in the freezer for however long you wish, but be sure it’s more than four hours. During freezing, the water will form into ice, which once completely frozen, should turn into the shape of a perfectly-formed wedge on one side of the glass. When taking it out of the freezer, it’s vital that you do not run it under hot water or refreeze if the glass has been damaged. Next, you simply remove the silicone from the glass and fill it with your drink of choice and enjoy. Closely observing, the wedge is very interesting looking and seems to be a reasonably functional way to keep your whiskey cool. You’ll find that the wedge is frozen to the bottom of the glass, which is a significant advantage over all other large cubed products. Reason being is because it does a good job melting the ice slowly, which helps retain the drink’s full flavor. I think the Whiskey Wedge is undoubtedly a new spin on the term, “on the rocks,” allowing drinkers to enjoy all the taste advantages of their favorite spirits.


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