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What Newly Married Couples Do

Getting married introduces you to the complex phenomena of marriage. There are but a bunch of activities going on around this hopefully once in a lifetime event. For newly married couples this is a special time.

If you are planning to get married soon or have just said “I Do,” then this article might interest you. Read on to discover some of the activities that these newly married couples undertake as they get to know each other intimately, and unravel the mystery that is marriage.


• Making Plans for the Future 

You are about to begin a new chapter in your life, and it would be unwise not to make plans. You risk having a disorganized marriage if you have no plans for your career, finance, and children.

For most married couples, the issue of having or not having kids is a big decision, and it will change your life. It is, therefore, worth your time to talk about them. Kids come with responsibilities, and you need to be well prepared. If you do not want to have kids, it’s still important to remind yourselves why you made the decision.


• See the World

Nothing conquers bonding faster than traveling. Travelling offers perspective and this being the formative stage of marriage, it is a perfect time to build memories as you get to know each other better.


• Doing Random Things

As you try to figure out what life has in store for you, you can be random. Children will require planning but before you get there, take that casual night date. Go away on a weekend because when kids finally come, such stuff will require much more planning.


• Turn Your House into a Home

No one wants their house to feel so formal like an office. If you just moved into a new house, there is a lot of work waiting for you before the house finally feels like home. Buy scented candles or soft blankets or anything else that you love.


• Learn from Each Other

As newlyweds, this is the most opportune time for you to get to know your spouse. Everybody knows how to take care of themselves but getting to know your spouse intimately, is a lesson worth learning.


• Spend Time Together

Spend the whole day doing nothing. Sleep late watching a movie. Skip washing dishes and cuddle. Go to the gym together. Remember, when kids eventually come, those lazy weekends might become rare. Enjoy them while you still can. In hindsight, getting to know each other may sound like a lot of work but it doesn’t have to be. As newlyweds, you may have so much time on your hands and yet so little to do, and this may feel suffocating. However, it gets better with time.


Tips for Newly Weds


Learn to Respect Each Other

As you get to know your partner better, it is imperative you respect their wishes. Sometimes you will argue, or your partner will be moody. This is all normal, and you should learn to treat each other with respect at all times.

When faced with issues that you feel are overwhelming, seek advice from a respectable older couple. They have been there, and what you are going through is not new to them.


Build Trust

Trust is the foundation of all good marriages. It is foolhardy to think you can build a lasting marriage if you can’t trust your partner. Talk about any issues that are disturbing you. You will find that it gets easier when your partner knows that you believe in them.