Dad and son at the beach

What it’s like to be a Parent?

The experiences of parenting are different due to variances in personalities, cultures, and behaviors of children and parents. However, there are those standard factors that are shared, and most parents can relate.


At times, it is worrisome
Although some people may call this negativity in an otherwise beautiful parent-child relationship, being worried is perfectly normal and typical. If there is a secret that you are hiding from the child touching on, let’s say, real parentage, family finances, sickness, you will be worried a lot. Fortunately, the joy and sense of accomplishments that comes with having a child in your life make you forget and focus on your role.


Parenting Brings Happiness to your life
In the USA, parents have one of the lowest rates of depression because the children always deter them from their misery. Seeing a child’s development will bring happiness as it is reminiscent of your hard work, commitment, and dedication.


It is backbreaking
The endless laundry. The occasional disciplinary summons to school over your child’s errors. The rush to the hospital in the middle of the night to treat the flu. The never-ending kitchen activity to feed the child in healthy food: All these are no mean feat, and you will mostly go to bed exhausted but not sleep a wink.


Being a parent requires accomplishments
Parenting requires hard work for financial reasons. A parent cannot sit pretty when a child asks for a grand for that school trip to Hawaii, not to mention the endless expenses that go into bringing up a child. In this regard, parents go out of their way to improve their financial status so that the child can have a comfortable life and a better future.


It is not about you but him/her
In parenting, people forget themselves and their needs; it is all about the child. For example, one will buy a home with a large front yard and backyard for the children to play, rather than a condo in a San Francisco apartment with a jacuzzi and a tiny bar.


A Lion will grow inside you
Protective instincts will develop inside a parent, that is why people will go to any length to protect their child. Mostly, the instincts will be so intense such that after the action, a parent will sit back and wonder how they did it. For example, seeing a child in front of an oncoming truck, a dad will fly and whisk the child within fractions of a second. A mother too would physically confront a stronger person who violates her child in the park.


Change of behavior
Parenting calls for changing of behavior lest the child picks up those small traits that everyone hates so much about you. Eating while talking, using obscene words, having sex on the dinner table, drinking to the wee hours and so much more take a backstage for the “new you.” You will also practice the right things and ensure that rules and regulations at home, school, and the nations are adhered to- Do not Shoplift, Do not assault other children, Do not come home late, etc.


Parenting is beautiful despite everything
Parenting is hard work. Much of you will change as you share your life with the little ones. You will never notice these things as your primary focus in parenting will be on seeing the best in your child.