What is your motivation?

Opening a business is no small feat. It’s really like everyone says, you wear a lot of hats and you feel like you’re never taking off. Wether you start without any capital or get a loan but still feel the pressure from all sides of the venture. When the hard times hit, you have to ask yourself what really motivates you. This one simple question will get you through most of the time and have you answering the hardest questions. Your motivation shouldn’t be just money, it needs to be more than that. If you have kids, there’s no doubt you’ll want the best for them. If you want to live in a better place and improve the world, there’s your motivation right there as well. Maybe you just want to leave something amazing on this world before you hit the hay. Any of these things can be valid reason why you’re starting your business.


People play sports for a living because their motivation is the enjoyment of the game, the winning side of it, the numbers, stats or even fame. It’s hard to think that even lawyers have a motivation to get their clients out because they love to help, and of course, they like to win hard arguments.


Now, you got enough pressure and tasks on your head and I don’t mean to place more on you but if you can figure out what your motivation is, it should put you at ease a bit and see things more clearly.


If you have a comment or idea to get through the hard times, feel free to comment below.