Beer in a glass

West Coast IPA Style Brew Kit

When you think of West Coast IPA, two things typically come to mind, big flavor and bitterness. If you’re a big fan of big hoppy beers that are massive flavor, then brewing one may have crossed your mind once, or twice. Well, why not enter your hop heaven with this West Coast IPA Style Brew Kit? Excellent brew for IPA lovers who want a great example of their favorite style, this IPA brewing kit contains everything you’ll need to turn your kitchen into an authentic-feeling craft brewery. You will get pure malt extract and specialty grains from Wisconsin, high-quality yeast, and, of course, strong aromatic Summit and Cascade hops sourced from Washington state’s Yakima Valley – where people can tour and pick up a few brewing tips from their highly experienced brewers.


Transformed through the simple techniques and included equipment, the finished ale from this brewing kit brandishes a delightfully complex hop profile with citrus, floral, and spicy notes you’ll greatly enjoy. You really can’t argue that this sounds way more rewarding than just using a bottle opener. It’s recommended that you don’t leave the beer in extreme weather conditions. Once stored, the beer will ferment at around 60-75 degrees, and it should be no cooler. For the best results, you should keep the beer refrigerated and drink within one month of purchasing. Again, if you’re a fan, this shouldn’t be a problem. Fermentation takes time, so this process requires some patience. Whatever you do, don’t let the anticipation kill you; in due time you’ll see more hops and the horizon of a hoppy day fast-approaching. Just remember, the goal isn’t to become some brewmaster monk; it’s simply to have fun and if you can read well, test your ability to follow instructions.