Wear That Three-Piece Suit to the Business Meeting

We’ve all seen the three-piece suit look. It’s an age-old classic and one that needs to be done right. It’s made up of a suit, trousers, and waistcoat for a matching look that makes one walk with stride. Some people even like rocking a waistcoat of a different color to allow for a more refined contrast with the suit and trousers. In short, wearing a three-piece suit is a smart look when done right.


However, a three-piece suit is not an ensemble you just put on whenever you like. It requires assessing whether it’s appropriate or you’ll end up being overdressed. Back a few decades ago, this might not have been the case. I remember my mother telling me one can never be overdressed, yet, in this day and age, this is no longer the case. It seems like people don’t even know what business casual is anymore.


Times have changed, but I’m not complaining. It just means that the three-piece suit stands out more. And, if done right, means it can look quite right in this day and age. After all, the three-piece suit creates an unbroken stretch of fabric from your ankles to your shoulders. It’s supposed to accentuate your body and give you that balanced appearance.


When to Wear?

That is the question, but it does not need a complicated answer. If you’re comfortable with yourself and are confident, a three-piece suit can give off an extra level of style that will enhance your social presence when you need it.

• DO wear it when you’re giving a business presentation. If you’re presenting anything in a business environment, you want to look your sharpest.
• DO wear it to a wedding. You always have to look your best for a wedding, especially if you’re invited to the groom’s party. And there’s nothing quite like enjoying yourself wearing your best look.
• DO wear it to the office. If you want to look calm and collected in the workplace, you can always rock a three-piece suit with a dress shirt and tie. Frankly, no one gets mistaken for a lower-tier intern when wearing a three-piece suit: so dress the part you play in your business.
• DON’T go to your job interview in a three-piece suit. It will likely come off as far too intimidating. You’re trying to get hired, not intimidate management. Moving up the company latter is when you bring out the three-piece suit, not when you just get there.


I would say that a suit compliments any vital position within a business, and is a must-have for any smart-minded businessperson.


Just remember: You make the suit, the suit doesn’t make you. Make sure you can fit in such a style in confidence. Your outfit should compliment your character, and when done right can elude confidence and make you an effective business leader.