Convoy Leather Watch Roll

Watch Roll Traveler

If you are searching for an affordable watch roll online, you just might be led to Convoy Goods. This is a cool small company that specializes in hand-making leather goods using traditional methods. Although it looks like similar small workshops you might find in Brooklyn or Portland, you’ll be surprised to find that they’re actually based in Malaysia.


This leather watch roll comes in your choice of tan, dark brown, or black to match your style and is one of the more affordable leather watch rolls available, yet it looks of decent quality. It is made of high grade Italian leather with perfectly acceptable stitching. It will allow you to travel in confidence with your timepieces, as the industrial strength German polyester incorporated in the construction is used to ensure the stitching never frays for long-lasting use.


The Watch roll measures 12×10”, with each interior pocket at 9.5 x 7.5 centimeter. It can accommodate four watches, seeming to favor thicker ones such as those from MVMT’s Chrono Collection as a reference. It measures 12″ x 13.5″ when totally open, but the roll can achieve a compact size by being folded in half, rather than rolled up. There is also an additional pocket in the back which could be handy if you need to store another object, like a bezel or strap. There is one single lace threaded through a punched out hole in the corner which is for tying up the roll. Overall, the quality is quite nice and the workmanship is good enough for me. I haven’t really seen too many other watch rolls to compare and it’s absolutely perfect for safely storing your watches while traveling. Just be sure to condition the leather to keep it from drying out, which is still fine for the price they are charging.