LifeBeam - VI Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Vi: Personal Trainer Built Into Your Headphones

It seems as though artificial intelligence is worming its way into every aspect of our lives, including our headphones. That’s right; your personal trainer is now an AI program integrated into your headphones, bent on keeping you on track during your workout regiment.


Everything in the world is equipped with Bluetooth—we get it; it’s pretty cool. Your new Vi headphones can actually detect your heartrate better through your ears than a wristband, like the glorious FitBit we’ve all been eating up for years. But now, you’re getting so much more.


You get the standard lot of Bluetooth earphone gel buds and fins, making your new gadget completely customizable. If the earbuds don’t fit right, it’s not going to properly read your heartrate. You get eight hours of battery life from these little headphones, and that includes Vi’s commentary. It doesn’t sound like Microsoft Sam; Vi actually talks to you, and sounds like a human.


Vi even comes with a certain level of noise-cancellation through the headphones, so that when you ask her questions, she won’t receive interference from passing cars or your panting breaths in between sets. You can use the app (doesn’t everything have an app nowadays?) to view your progress if you don’t feel like asking her.


You’re essentially using a more sophisticated Siri or Alexa for your workout program. Vi coaches you, tells you your mileage, heartrate, and assists you in working towards milestones. When you don’t have the money for a professional personal trainer, there’s Vi.


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LifeBeam - VI Wireless In-Ear Headphones