Robo R2 High Performance Smart 3D Printer

How To Use A 3D Printer For Your Business

One of the coolest things to hit the ever-expanding realm of technological advances has to be the 3D printer. We’ve seen little pens that print in 3D, but that’s not what I’m talking about. High-grade, high-efficiency 3D printers. Believe it or not, they have multiple uses for your business, no matter what you do.


Customer Service

 3D printers are basically going to take over the world. We’ve seen actual cars, car parts, guitars, prosthetics and way more crazy stuff printed. You can actually print food. Yeah. Crazy, right? While scientists are still tinkering with this idea, they’ve printed desserts, and even pizza. (Though, we heard it wasn’t the best tasting.) In the near future, we’ll be able to see complete self-serve food dispensaries, which you can utilize for your customers. If they’re waiting to speak with you, why not send them over to a 3D printing food stand? They’ll get a free bite, and get to watch science cook it for them.


Online Craft Businesses

 There are people making six figures on websites like Etsy, and we’ve all known about eBay since the dawn of online purchasing. People make their own crafts, useful tools, or even furniture, and make a profit by selling it online. We’re a nation of consumers here in America—it all works. Creators can now utilize a 3D printer to make half of this stuff for them. Trinkets for earbud holders, miniature concealed shelves, and a bunch of other cool things.


Security Features

 Sounds bizarre, right? You can print off sliding door locks, door chains, and even window locks, all with a 3D printer. While this isn’t the most practical use, if you’re in the market for getting your own storefront and already plan on using a 3D printer, you could save on a locksmith.


The Next Big Thing

 3D printing is here to stay, and while there are innovations every day in other fields, people are absolutely obsessed with this trend, which has exceptional momentum right now. Becoming the next 3D printing genius only takes very simple ideas; while the market is hot, being the first to create a combination bottle opener/airsoft gun, or whatever whacky combo you can think of, can be a breakthrough. In a sense, people are becoming superstars for their creations.

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