Tips for Amazon Sellers to Increase Sales

Amazon began as an online bookstore only to grow into the largest e-commerce platform there is today. This means that third-party sellers can make a living from the largest internet retailer. It comes as no surprise that Amazon continues to grow in popularity among sellers. According to a recent research, the people who make a million in sales on Amazon are 4 times more than those on eBay. With approximately $88,000 worth of transactions being made, below are some tips on how to increase sales on Amazon.


Get Reviews

It is important for sellers to understand that the power of reviews among buyers is enormous. Reviews are strong tools of influence because most customers consider them to be personal recommendations. Considering that an estimated 90% of Amazon buyers do not leave reviews for products purchased, o out of your way as the seller and get the reviews yourself. If you know people locally who have used your product and had satisfactory results, ask them to at least leave a positive review regarding your product. There are also programs such as Feedback Five that increase the volume of feedbacks as well as assist in neutralizing negative feedback. Remember, Amazon always considers the performance of the seller when ranking the items submitted.


Stay Competitive

There is a lot of skepticism regarding Amazon sales since those who avoid selling on Amazon perceive the platform to be very competitive. This is despite the fact that more than 50% of sellers on Amazon report a 20% profit margin. Amazon recommends that apart from considering availability, customer experience, and fulfillment, the price is also a great determinant of the sales volume. There are a number of tools that sellers can use to stay competitive. For example, tools such as teikametrics and FeedVisor monitor the prices of your competitors thus ensuring that you acquire a competitive edge over them. For example, you can decide to have your products $0.01 cheaper than those of your competitors.


Market outside Amazon

Direct calls to action are prohibited on Amazon and so are email communications with potential customers. However, this does not mean that you cannot direct potential customers to your Amazon store. There are different ways of utilizing internet marketing strategies to achieve the desired seller results. You can create blogs and articles targeting your niche with useful and relevant information. Sites such as Go Articles and Hubpages are some of the best platforms to write your articles.

Amazon is one of the most competitive internet retailers but that does not imply that your products will not sell. It is how you market yourself that increases your sales volume coupled with innovative strategies that help you stay ahead of the competition. Remember, any of the techniques that you decide to use should not violate the terms and conditions of Amazon as an internet retailer. Amazon is an internet platform-yes-but, do not entirely rely on modern techniques of marketing. Sometimes, go old school and offer discounts, free products and ask for referrals. These combined with new techniques such as advertising, SEO and reviews will no doubt increase your sales on Amazon.