Tiddly Trailer Bar Co.

Tiddly Trailer Bar Co. – Interview

Fourteen Robots scouts through Kickstarter campaigns and we came across Tiddly Trailer Bar which caught our attention and decided to conduct a small interview to get a glimpse of behind the scenes of what is behind each startup.


What was the inspiration for your product?

-I have been in the restaurant and bar industry for over a decade. I knew early on I never wanted to own a brick and mortar establishment, but I loved the industry. After going back to school to earn a masters degree, I spent a lot of time brainstorming. I wanted something that would foster my love for the service industry, use my creativity, all while sparking my lust for business. The Tiddly Trailer was my answer. 

What’s the biggest challenge you came across in the process of this venture?

Financing this endeavor has been a challenge. Kickstarter is an amazing platform to find financial backers, but it does take a lot of time and energy. Also, financially planning for all the unknowns has been a difficult part of starting out.


What have you learned at the start of your venture that you’d like to share with others interested in starting a business?

-Be willing to be vulnerable and share your idea to whoever will listen. You never know who you will meet in the process. Also, reach out to your friend network and ask them for help with your project. Not only will it save you money, but it will feel so good that you had a community approach to starting your business.


Is there a feature of your product that you’re specifically proud of?

-I’m so proud of it all actually. Proud of myself for starting a business while caring for a baby under one. However, I think the main thing the Tiddly offers is the hands-on approach we provide to our clients. Custom bar menus, fresh cocktails with homegrown garnishes and local beer and wines. I LOVE what I do, and I think that really transfers to the bar experience each and every one of our clients will receive.


Do you have a llong-termvision of where this product could take you or are you focused on the current outcome without thinking much of the future?

I’m a dreamer, so it’s in my nature to be 10 steps ahead. I have thought of owning a few trailers eventually. Maybe a Tiddly South in my home state of California. I would also love to get into the craft mixer and bitters world someday.


Do you think there’s a recipe for success on any business launched or is it all customized to each product?

-I think there is no one size fits all recipe for launching a business. However, I think the basics like marketing, budgeting, sales and distribution apply to all startups. To me, a customized approach is what makes the Tiddly Trailer feel unique from the other mobile bars out there. We are very proud to be driven by family, poured by friends, and enjoyed by all. 

Please visit their website at tiddlytrailer.com. You can also find them on Kickstarter, Facebook, and Instagram.