Gun, Clock, Money & Whiskey on a desk

Three Things You Always Need in Your Desk

Whether it’s to pay the bills or read one of the three most imperative books to your success, your desk is the throne of your home. Even if you’re not one of those “Dad’s Recliner” guys, you still have a proverbial roosting point. It’s the place your wife sees you when you’re managing the household and finances, where your kids see when you’re providing for their future. As such a seat of power in your home, there are three essentials that you should have in your desk at all times


  1. A Safe-Locked Loaded Gun

We can get into semantics all day long, but here’s the point: you need to protect your family, and you can’t dig out a safe from the top of your closet. One locked box in the top right drawer of your desk, or a gun in a drawer with a lock on the outside of it. Children won’t be able to reach it, and should an intruder break into your home, you’ll be able to defend yourself quickly, and effectively.


  1. A Plan

Not having a future plan for your family is like giving up. When you’re able to map out the money spent, steps taken, and battle scars you’ll be earning, it makes the path ahead more clearly. A notebook that hosts your information that a loved one may need should something happen to you, as well as a plan for what your family should do financially if you should pass, will be the best parting gift you can give to your loved ones.


  1. One Memento

 What drove you to pursue your career? What made you decide to walk up to your now-wife and ask her on a date? What made you want to be a father in the first place? We all have a handful of sentimental items. Whether it’s a prayer card, or a significant item that just resonates with us, having a memento in your desk—a reflective pool to grab and just hold when you need a moment of clarity—helps you stay grounded and focused.