The True Single Malt

True single malt whiskey is a brew that is distilled in one place. There is no inclusion of any other blends of grain whiskey in this product. A single cask whiskey has been in one cask and not transferred to accommodate other blends. This whiskey, when full strength, can exceed sixty percent alcohol by volume.

Most single malts are bottled at between forty and forty-six percent as the legal limit is set at a minimum of forty percent. Cask strength is a term used when the alcohol level is still relatively high, and the brew has not been watered down or if the addition of water was low. Cask strength is not always one cask. It can be from several barrels inclusively.

Given that there are approximately six to nine different regions in Scotland that have proven distilleriesPsychology Articles, the characteristics of the malt can vary considerably. They all have their unique techniques and style to producing their malts, and each produces a flavor all their own.