The Fours

Since 1994, The Fours has held spots in Boston, Norwell, and most notably, their Quincy location. Not only have they been recognized by Sports Illustrated as the best sports bar in America, but their barstools are loaded with local patrons; Boston’s extensive fandom for the Sox, Bruins, Celtics and Patriots. Hailed by the Phantom Gourmet, Boston’s public access food and drink show hosted on the weekends, for a bunch of their dishes, they aim to truly please.

I’ve personally gone to The Fours since my twenty-first birthday; their Fours Triple Play of buffalo fingers, potato skins and a steak and cheese egg roll have to be, by far, the best platter I’ve ever had to highlight a simple Corona. The atmosphere isn’t a dusty old dive bar, but bright and extensively clean. Visit any of their three locations, and you’ll become a regular in no time.

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