Dunnage Bakehouse, Glen Moray

The Dunnage Bakehouse

Dunnage is the first whiskey of its kind to be drawn from a gin cask, innovating the industry with a new twist. There are pretentious reviews from “experts” floating all around the web, going into great detail about the miniscule things that tick them off. Get a gentleman’s review every time, right here on FourteenRobots.

It’s an enjoyable whiskey; plain and simple. When it comes to getting an effective, flavorful whiskey for your hard-earned cash, Dunnage is definitely a top-runner. When I purchased this from the liquor store around the corner, the owner gave a grin and a nod. “You’re gonna love this shit,” he told me, and, well, I do love this shit.

Pros and cons are left up to interpretation by the drinker; we’re all rocking a different palate. You get an excellent splash of spices rolling down the tongue, complimented by the sweet citrus addition tucked away, lightly arising upon sipping. I don’t know about you, but it comes off as a bottle I want on my top shelf.

Go find it yourself at your local liquor store