Android Phone with Google Apps

We’re switching from Apple to Google. Here’s why.

As an Apple Family with two MacBook Pros, an AppleTV, two iPhones, and a few discontinued iPods, we enjoy our devices to the fullest and have taken advantage of what these products offer. We’re a techie family, but we’re not Apple die-hard fans. We simply figured out what would work best for us and went from there.

Now that we’ve experienced the Apple craze and have seen what Apple is offering with their iPhone X and the Apple HomePod, we’re not impressed.


My wife and I have been discussing automating our home and it was easy to see Google Home and Amazon Alexa are in the title fight. Apple HomePod isn’t even making an appearance at the match. Bringing the plethora of Google apps with it, the Google Home mini caught our attention as the frontrunner immediately.

With a bit of research, you’ll find out what everybody and their mother seems to already know. Apple keeps a tight ship on what is and isn’t allowed to be controlled by their own devices. HomePod is certainly falling behind on compatibility and Siri, no matter how well we speak, cannot understand what we really want it to do. I’ve said it in a recent tweet, and let it be on the record that, if at some point Apple launches their own search engine like Google, things will get interesting.


Ultimately, we purchased not 1, not 2, but 4 Google Home Minis to start the switch. We struggled a bit with the setup and using the Home app, but with a little patience, we picked it up and have become familiar with it. It has opportunity for us to use 3rd party apps easily and even a chance to learn to develop our own. Plus the fact that the speakers sync nicely and, even as small as they are, have a nice sound while playing music. Our toddler also loves asking “Goo-goo” to make different animal sounds!

Our next switch will come with the Google Pixel with Google’s Project Fi which, in our techie heads, seems reasonably on par with the quality of an iPhone. It has all we need to get the job done. We might not be ready to give in on our MacBook Pro’s, but we’ll see how the Chromebooks continue to advance. Google is not going anywhere and their portfolio of apps just keeps growing in our everyday use. From Docs replacing Microsoft Word, to note taking, shopping list and even controlling our garage with a combination of IFTTT, Google is slowly taking place in our phones and gadgets.