Stanley Classic Flask. Instagram photo by Steve Ekins. @downhillfast

Stanley Classic Flask

When on the move, a flask becomes standard gear in the packs of advanced travelers and on-the-goers. However, the problem with many flasks is that they just aren’t rugged enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and the beating outdoor gear endures. Made by Stanley, this 8oz flask called the Classic is small and lightweight and synonymous with men who live life on their terms. With such a slim retro profile at 3″ x 6-1⁄4″, it slips easily into a pocket or pack and Holds 8 oz. of libation at the ready. The Classic keeps a stiff drink at its best, and like most flask these days, this one is naturally BPA-free and stainless steel that will not retain flavors or smells. No need to funnel this one fellas! Unlike many of the more streamlined plastic flasks that are more prone to break, the Classic has a wide mouth, making sipping, pouring, and filling super easy.


It has an integrated lanyard that keeps the cap closed at hand and is also rustproof, withstanding weather and wear, offering a lifetime of use. There’s even space available at the base of the flask, where you can engrave a name or a few select words to personalize it as a gift. You should know that with any container that holds liquid, the seals must be maintained or occasionally replaced. Luckily, the manufacturer sells replacement seals, so take this down as a tip. If you want to know whether this is the right gear for you, you should know that it comes down to personal taste and needs. All told, if you want a sturdy, unpretentious flask that will last for years to come, then the Classic will deliver and makes a perfect accessory for any adventure, party, or night.