Something Wicked by Breakside Brewery

You can’t go wrong with a New England-styled IPA, right? Breakside’s had some shifty ales in the past, not really firing on all cylinders, but we’d be willing to forgive them with the release of Wicked.

You’re going to get those arguing it’s not a “West Coast” IPA in the traditional sense. Well, suck it up. It’s almost cartoony in the way it’s bright yellow, frothy, fuzziness just teems from the glass when it’s on tap. It looks like you’re about to drink a hand-drawn picture from a Simpsons episode, but don’t let that fool you.

I have to say, it’s a softer beer, but it’s got a killer flavor to back it up. Order a pint, give it a swish, and feel it go down nice and smooth. Pure and simple; Wicked hits the target mark on an excellent IPA you can switch up your Saturday night with.

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