Santiago – Photography

Santiago Perez Grovas has been on our Instagram feed for quite some time now and after taking glimpse of his official site, we’re always going back to his Instagram account. The main reason being that it’s more of a behind the scenes look but with edits on his work which combine some great smiles and fun atmosphere with the perfect composition. We enjoy seeing people smiling at the camera which to us, creates a warm feeling in our souls.


Born in Mexico City, studied architecture and opened his firm while learning photography on the side. To this day, he doesn’t use flash, only natural light, which we fully agree on this style. His equipment is simply a camera, nothing more, nothing less. Santiago didn’t even know the rules of photography but since he enjoyed the process and results, he simply mastered his own style via trial & error.

Santiagos biggest fear in life is to be in his death bed thinking “I could´ve done more, I could´ve have more fun, I could’ve seen more”.


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