Moscow Mule

Purity Vodka

A few times in your life, you’ll come into contact with one of those specific bottles of alcohol. One of whiskey, and one of vodka—or so the legend goes. That legend brings you here to Purity Vodka’s premium taste. 100 point vodka that’s been organic-certified, distilled 34 times, and winner of six consecutive years of Vodka of the Year, as awarded by The Spirits Business.


Purity’s bottle looks like it was pulled from the depths of some subterranean crystal cavern, filled one of the smoothest substances on Earth. Mixing it isn’t going to leave much of a distinct flavor, but it will leave an impactful punch in whatever you’re blending together. This is top shelf vodka at a mid-grade price, making it an excellent gift, and an even better addition to the top of your liquor cabinet.


What you need for a Moscow Mule

  • Lime
  • Vodka
  • Ginger Beer
  • Frozen Moscow Mule mug
  • Lots of Ice

Mix them all to your taste. Some people like it with more vodka, some with more lime juice. Choose your own quantity for each ingredient and make it perfect for yourself and others.