14 Robots Business Cards

Professionally Market To 500 People With Premium Content For $100

Marketing doesn’t come without a cost, that’s for certain. When you’re looking to get your brand out there in the world, there are a million options to market just constantly crashing into your face. You’re drowning in options; it takes money to make money; what on earth should you do? Start. Small.


Business Cards

 When you use 14robots.com for your graphic design needs, you can expect phenomenal quality that rivals Vistaprint and Fiverr, between design and printing, it’s really the only place to go. You get quality; not flimsy, easy-tear business cards.


Boy, where does the funding go? After getting a price from 14robots.com, I’ll round it up to $85.00 between design and printing. I visited 14robots.com and all I got were these awesome business cards. Since you’ll be going through them slowly, it’ll take time to reach an audience. Don’t worry; there are more people to be reached.


Social Media Post

You’ll note in a recent post, we talked about the necessity for branding yourself on social media, and how to conduct yourself on the platform. If you followed our advice and hired a writer and designer for your social media page blurb, banner and profile picture for Facebook, then you’re looking pretty good. Make a post that has engaging content, a photograph of your physical business location if you have one, and a coupon code or special offer. Special offers can be generated through Facebook’s tools.


Post your article, and enter the realm of self-advertisement. You’re testing things on a small scale here, after all. Set your budget to a maximum of $35.00; you’re running it for one day, so the whole thing goes on this trial run. You’ll either see some customers from this, or you won’t, but the fact remains that your name gets out there on a public forum. The next time you do a short-term ad campaign, someone might stop and say, “Hey, I remember when they advertised before. I’ll check them out.” When people see content that’s memorable, as in they’ve already seen it once before from a glance, they’re much more likely to interact with it the second go around.


$30.00 left; let’s make it count, shall we?


Custom-Designed Window Poster

 You pass by fast food joints or other corporate-owned shopfronts, right? You’ve probably noticed those enormous hangings they have in their windows, showcasing their limited time offer item of the month, or something along those lines. Well, they’re extravagant, and you can make your own for cheap.


We’re going to utilize 14robots.com again for this task. Get a high-quality poster for no more than $15.00. You can get your poster printed and shipped for about $15.00. The bigger the poster, the higher the cost. Let’s wrap this up.



I pass by your shop while walking with a friend. The large poster in the window catches my eye. “I saw these guys all over Facebook; they’re everywhere,” I’ll most likely say, and take a peek closer. I’ve just noticed your business, and even if I go in just to see what the hype is all about, I’ll be leaving with what?


You guessed it—a business card.


While a $35.00 ad campaign isn’t going to reel in the big fish, your business cards and one-time cost poster definitely will.