The Porch (Sacramento, CA)

Southern food is an age-old favorite for a reason—it’s delicious comfort food that always promises to envelop you in its warmth, and whisk you away to tastebudtopia. The exterior of the building looks like a southern-style mansion, and the interior is like beer heaven came to Earth, and for some reason, us mere mortals are allowed entry.


Fries, chicken, and burgers—that’s what I got while I was there, and I somehow managed to gluttonously shove down their buttery red velvet cake. By the time I paid, I was ready to retire for the week, and wake up so I could come back and do it all again. Fair pricing, southern-style food in the heart of Sacramento, all with a spirits menu that’s certain to excite.


Sit at the bar in the evening, and just nestle into the atmosphere. There’s really nothing like it; The Porch makes their own atmosphere. It’s not a dusty bar or an old west saloon—it’s The Porch. You have to experience it to understand it; tell them FourteenRobots sent you.


The Porch Restaurant & Bar
1815 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95811