Feline Saray. Photography by Thomas C Beerten

Photography by Thomas C Beerten

As the publisher of this awesome site, I scout for great content, great advice and most importantly a positive environment towards vice and beauty. Beauty does not mean looking at the surface. It’s more of a deep understanding of what’s in front of us. Something Fourteen Robots is very addicted to is smiles. And let’s be specific on this, we mean women smiling. A woman smiling interprets mostly one thing, and that is simple happiness. Many people smile and don’t even know they’re doing it or are smiling because they’re nervous. The women in this article you’re reading show a strong enjoyment at what they’re doing at that specific moment.

Photographer Thomas C. Beerten captures a great array of smiles and we’re pleased to announce that our hats go off to this guy as we salute him for a beautiful variety of portraits focusing on the smile of a woman. When we contacted Thomas via Instagram, like we do constantly with many photographers, we didn’t expect a response. The reason why we didn’t expect a response is because strangely enough, most photographers don’t respond, even though these social media platforms are meant for interaction between people around the world. Well, Thomas C. Beerten, a photographer from Belgium responded and agreed with our point of view for capturing great smiles when shooting portraits.

Let’s get this straight, we don’t usually post a full article about photographers, heck we barely write about it and mostly just showcase it in our gallery (if you can find it). But this…this deserves to be an example to models, photographers and anyone with a camera photographing other people. Bring emotions into it, damn it. This reminds me of an article published in 2016 by Mark Molloy where a fun experiment involved photographer Marcos Alberti taking portraits of people before and after 1, 2, & 3 glasses of wine. The results were pleasing and will make you smile.

If you’ve never been to our gallery, keep looking. But please don’t forget to follow our new favorite photographer and check out the rest of his work.

Photography by Thomas C Berteen
Birgit Mertens. Photography by Thomas C Beerten
Maria Pervykh. Photography by Thomas C Beerten