Our very first article

Good evening gentlemen! As most young married men, I assume you’re reading this at night when everyone is asleep and finally get to enjoy some quiet time without much distractions. If not, then I guess I’m human and allowed to be wrong. Let me welcome you to this site, whoever you are, man, woman, or both, we won’t judge. Through this site, we’ll publish many things that most married entrepreneurs with a family can relate to. We’ll keep it light, tasteful and a bit honest. Throughout this quest for a new form of entertainment, learnings and aha! moments in life, we’ll be posting articles about vices, tips on how to become a better entrepreneur, mistakes we’ve made so you won’t have to and all the great cool findings along the way from the distractions while we build this from the ground up.

We hope you enjoy our content. Feel free to interact with us anytime via email, we’re not hard to reach and we tend to respond quickly. If you have any ideas, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we’re always open to constructive criticism and ways to improve.

Once again, thank you and welcome!


The Publisher of Fourteen Robots