Cheers Bar Boston Est 1895

The Original Cheers Bar in Boston: It’s Still Alive

Perhaps the most legendary bar in all of American history, though primarily due to the television show, Cheers in Boston is actually still operating today, and they may have the sitcom’s success in the early 80s to thank for it.


The show ran until 1993, which greatly boosted the bar’s popularity, but it’s more than a sexually-charged sitcom with a volley of jokes that has kept them alive and running. The bar still opens at 11:00 AM and closes at midnight, and it’s been running since 1895. They even have a second location, still located in Boston, Massachusetts.


So How Did This Bar Stay Open So Long?

 As with any business, you have to understand: it comes down to management. But there’s a lesson to be taken away from all of this. Boston is a prideful city. I’m originally from a Boston suburb, and spent most of my life there; I had the opportunity to go into cheers slowly after turning twenty-one, and it’s an experience. The employees are happy and loyal to the brand. It’s a phenomenon; even the patrons love being a part of one of the oldest bars in Boston. It’s a time-tested strain of factual evidence: you don’t stay open for 122 years (give or take the dry years,) providing the same exact services the whole way through, unless you have persistent, diehard brand loyalty.



 We know that bars were basically all shut down during the prohibition. But alas, speakeasies were born! While there’s nothing concrete, Cheers was one of the most revered pubs in all of Boston, and during prohibition, Papa Joe was known to smuggle booze into Boston. Where do you congregate to gather future campaign donators? What better way to a man’s liver than illicit alcohol? So, there’s nothing saying that Cheers was shelling out bottles during prohibition, but it didn’t transform into another business like many bars and pubs did during this period. I’ll let your imagination connect the pieces on this one.


How Is It Doing Today?

It’s 2017 at the time of writing this, and Cheers is doing better than ever. While most of the alcohol industry sees spikes in business when there are dips in the economy, Cheers has seen consistent clientele through everything. This would be the perfect time to be cheesy and insert the famous tagline for the Cheers sitcom, but by bringing it up, I’ve already put it in your head. You sang the theme in your head, didn’t you? (So did I.)


Visit the original Cheers.