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Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto Cigar

If you need to lean back in your chair, and just enjoy a clean stack of smoke rising to the ceiling, dissipating in the air, then you’re looking at an Oliva Serie to get the job done. This company was recently acquired by J. Cortez Cigars N.V. back in 2016, who is most noted for their Calvano brand, among four other brands of exquisite cigars.


The biggest concern was maintaining Oliva’s premier standard, which thus far, Cortez has managed to do with flying colors. You get a perfect blend of cedar, and silky, smooth smoke that leaves your lips feeling dried like a winter campfire, and your lungs feeling relaxed and smoky. Straight from Nicaragua, this recipe—which has been around in Cuba since the early 1800s—remains to be a favorite among anyone who has the pleasure of lighting one up, and settling on down.