Golf Sunset

Mulligan’s Bar and Grill

Deep in the roots of Farmingdale, there’s one of the best bars on the planet. Users on TripAdvisor agree; they have the best beer and the best wings in all of Jersey. It’s located conveniently near a few golf courses, making it the ultimate weekend retreat for the traveling businessman. Play around, peel off the singular glove and plop down in a booth.


I had the pleasure of stopping here on the way down from Boston to Miami. (I hate flying, you know? Seen too many Bruce Willis movies.) I’m not so much a wing fan as I am a steak fan, and I met my match.


Their garlic steak was probably the greatest steak I’ve had in recent years. I’ve been to a lot of steakhouses, I’ve been to a lot of bars, but I’ve never been to steak heaven like this. Just writing about it has me feeling nostalgic, and a bit hungry.


You land in that perfect atmosphere that’s certain to leave you feeling full, buzzed, and without lightening your wallet too much.


Price. Food. Booze. Check!