Couple having coffee or tea at a cabin

Why Marriage Makes Both of You Stronger

You know all of those naysayers who have nothing positive to say about marriage? Forget about them. It’s one of the greatest things us men will ever encounter in our lives. There are more reasons than I can feasibly list, so we’re going to focus on the premier benefits of why your marriage enhances both of your lives, makes you stronger, and happier.


Someone Who Knows The Real You

 Social behavior changes; our personalities become fleeting when we’re not around our own family or set of friends. Whether you’re trying to impress her father, trying to garner a promotion at work, or what have you, your social behavior morphs to the situation. It’s common behavior. However, it can get exhausting trying to make others happy, or maintain a diplomatic approach to multiple scenarios throughout your life.


Your spouse is the one person who understands you. When the walls come down, you’re left with her, and only her. Your friends are there, your family is there—those are very specific relationships. Your wife is the only one who’s going to understand the little things about you. The things you thought nobody else recognized.


Financial Benefits

 It would be foolish to say that every strength rested in emotional support. In 2017, America is a two income household type of world. The overall cost of living has increased, and doesn’t look to slow anytime soon. The economy is out-of-balance. Having two incomes can reduce your own stress, and allow you to rely in your wife a bit; not everything has to be on your shoulders.


Why She Benefits

 The idea of the man taking care of everything isn’t gone, but it’s greatly advanced. It isn’t expected, but there are many of us who still believe in a set of moral codes: we should take care of everything, but this doesn’t mean you need to. Everyone wants to be important; everyone wants to contribute. She benefits from your moral and emotional support; It’s a two-way street, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


In It Together

 There are a million grievances that just come as apart of life. You’ll get through tragedies and thrive through the good times; we’re social creatures—we’re meant to be with others, to experience things with them. You don’t just have a marriage; you have a best friend. The only one who’s going to be there to stand the test of time, and keep on swinging.