Market Your Business On A Child’s Allowance

Sounds ridiculous, right? We covered how to market to 500 people with $100.00, but now, we’re going to do it for next to nothing. These methods aren’t as flashy or professional, but send the message all the same. You ready? Let’s dive in.



 Did you ever mow lawns as a kid, or perhaps wash cars? If you did, I’ll bet that genius entrepreneurial mind of yours decided to print out some fliers, or write them up yourself, and put them on telephone poles. Well, you weren’t that far off. If you’ve got a printer, ink and paper, you’re doing this Dutch. If not, Staples costs $0.09 per copy. Print off 50 and it’ll run you $4.50 before tax. This is still how adults advertise yard sales, and it usually ends up pretty lucrative for them.


Tear-Away Tabs

On the bulletin board at the community center, on the back of the cash register at the convenience store; these things are everywhere. Write up an ad on a piece of paper, or design and print one, and slice the vertical text along the bottom into tiny, easy to tear tabs that passers by can take with them. Think about your audience; blue-collar working class, stay-at-home mothers, and so on. If you’re a digital marketing company, I can’t imagine many callbacks from the corner store window. If you’re trimming trees, removing large furniture pieces or something else along those lines, this is a great place to get some free publicity.


A Moment On Your Lips, Forever Embedded Somewhere In Their Menu

I had to put in one subtitle with the likeness of a Panic! At The Disco song title. It’s true; if you can convince an owner of a local diner or small eatery to incorporate your logo, phone number and website into their next print-off of menus, you can do so by offering whatever service your business represents. In the world of smart phones, we’ll stare at the menu, then Google the folks on the back. For better or worse.


Mister DJ, Put That Ad on Replay

 If you can provide freebies like gift certificates to a local radio station, more often than not they’ll give you a dozen-or-so spots in their advertisements. They love giving away free stuff, and it’ll come with the mention of your business once or twice in the ad, as well as a physical location that listeners can visit.


Don’t waste your breath if the station is enormous and owned by a huge corporate media company; they make a killing off their ads, and won’t waste time squeezing you in.


Bonus: YouTubers get a large following, to a crazy extent. If you live in a metropolitan area and radio freebies aren’t a thing, there’s probably a YouTuber based in your area that you can contact through business email means. While you won’t be paying them for sponsoring your business, if you own a restaurant, offer something spectacular like 5 free visits, or something along those lines.



 You were creative enough to start your business, and by damn you’ll be creative enough to market it without breaking the bank. (Or even a $10.00 bill.) Get out there and think of ways to market yourself to your target audience.