Maria the Pilot

Maria the pilot

When you hear the word pilot you think of men generally. We present to you a friendly smile that if you’re flying around Canary Islands, you’ll have the chance to meet. It is indeed rare to see a woman in the cockpit.

Forbes reported:

The Air Line Pilots Association, which represents pilots at major and regional carriers in the United States and Canada, says that women make up just 5% of its 53,000 members.

Globally, it’s even worse — only 4,000 of the 130,000 airline pilots are women, according to the International Society of Women Airline Pilots.

When you see Maria and her adventures, you open your mind a bit more and root for women taking you to your destination. We can’t say it enough that we’re addicted to smiles and Maria Fagerström definitely represents the happiness we encourage. She enjoys her work and is dedicated to it, documenting great adventures through her Instagram, blog or youtube channel. According to her site, she enjoys yoga and she’s from Sweden.

Her captions are sometimes very interesting and full of energy. She mentioned on one of her Instagram posts:

Did you know that the radio technology, later named Bluetooth, used in wireless headphones was first initiated by Swedes in my hometown Lund? The name comes from the great Scandinavian Viking King Harald Blåtand (Harald Bluetooth). Less cables and more Bluetooth to the people…

This is an important example of doing what you love. She loves to travel, aviation and yoga and she succeeded. Our Fourteen Robots Salute Maria for her work. {–}

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Maria the Pilot

Maria the Pilot

Maria the Pilot

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