Startup owner at his home office

Managing Your Family Time When Working From Home

Working from home is no mean feat. It is a delicate balancing act, juggling between work and family life. It provides you with all kinds of freedoms that working from the office denies you.


Benefits of Working from Home

• Reduced Expenses: Working from home helps reduce costs associated with professional work clothes, transport, lunch and other costs associated with movement from home to office premises.
• Increased Morale: Working from home offers a much more flexible working schedule. It also helps to reduce office stress and home-sicknesses, hence boosting your working morale.
• Increased Family Time: When you work from home, you can spend some more time bonding with family and engage in activities that interest you.

Nonetheless, working at home is not entirely a bed of roses.



• Less Family Time: Some people get caught up in their work and forget to make time for their families. If you have that office at home and spend your entire day and part of the night working, then you are eating into your family time.
• Decline in Productivity: Lower supervision may trick you into working when you feel like. Ultimately, you may find that you are working fewer hours every day and your productivity may decline.

Achieving a proper work and family balance is of great importance. You end up becoming even more productive without sacrificing on your family time. Here are a few tips to help you manage your family time when working from home.



Create a Schedule: The idea is to allocate time for everything. Set aside time for work and family. For instance, you can decide to work from 9 am to 5 pm with breaks in between. When 5 o’clock hits, be disciplined enough to stop working and spend time with family.
Create a to-do List: Before you start working in the morning, create a to-do list. Outline what you want to accomplish for that day. You could even estimate the amount of time it will take you to perform each task. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that your productivity does not decline and that you do not eat into your family time.
Be Organized: The key to increased productivity is organization. Create a working environment at home by having an office and keeping it very organized. Make sure that you have a desk which is big enough and tidy. Have everything you need within reach to avoid distractions as you try to look for misplaced items.
Maintain Focus: There are so many distractions when working from home, especially if you have small kids. They will want to spend all the time with you, and this may damage your productivity. Help them understand that you need time to work and look for someone to help you take care of them. Remember also to avoid other distractions such as spending too much time on social media.

Pro Tip: Train your children to give you space and peace and let you work. Above all, make sure not to be rigid learn to have time with your family.