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Low Tech Marketing: 5 Old-Fashioned Strategies That Still Work

If you are a small business with a physical storefront and/or an internet presence, you probably know at least a little bit about online marketing. Social media, algorithms, keywords, SEO. The list goes on and on. It all seems to change faster than you can keep up. But most of this cutting-edge marketing is based on the proven marketing methods of generations past; it just has cooler-sounding jargon and a modern facelift. In the digitally driven business environment, it’s easy to forget those tried and true strategies that worked for the village bakery and the candlestick maker! It’s easy to forget that many successful companies were built on what may now seem like old-fashioned marketing strategies. But they worked back then, and they still do. Here are five low tech strategies that have been business marketing staples since cave dwellers sold fire and the latest club.


Customer referrals

Customers are people, and people buy from people they like and tend to tell other people. Word of mouth, recommendations, whatever you want to call it, if you take care of your customers, they will take care of you. Acknowledge and reward your customers for their referrals and they will keep sending you new customers.


Community involvement

Whether your business is on Main Street or Facebook, you are a part of a community. Giving back to the community that helps you make your living is just good business. From sponsoring a little league team to hosting online events, the more you get involved, the more you will prosper.


Always be marketing

Your customers and your future customers may know you are there, but you have to remind them over and over. Handing out business cards, offering coupons and specials, engaging in forums and other social media; the opportunities are almost infinite, and you should always be on the lookout for new ones.


Customer service

If you don’t take care of your customers and make sure they know without a doubt how much you appreciate their business, then someone else will. Excellent service will never go out of style or lose it’s impact and is one of the most inexpensive, low tech marketing tools you will ever use. From a sincere “Thank you.” to a not so profitable product replacement, your opportunities to serve your customers and show your appreciation are easy to find on a daily basis.


Always have integrity

It’s not always easy, or profitable, to do the right thing. But your customers buy from you in large part because of who you are and what you and your business stand for. Ethical business practices, fair prices, and quality products are expected and often go unnoticed. But lack of integrity will get noticed every time, and your customers will punish you by taking their business, and their money, somewhere else.



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