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How Instagram Became The Easiest Marketing Platform

If you think your audience has an adept attention span, you’re bloody wrong. Everything is more instantaneous nowadays, and as such, we want media and content way faster. I give you Instagram—the solution to all of your marketing problems, and it doesn’t cost you a damn penny.


Instagram page views rival Twitter, which has been around for 3X longer. What does that tell you? They’re onto something, and you should be, too. It’s a quicker, more digestible version of Pinterest, and it’s your best untapped tool available.


While you’re going to mostly see models and brands sweeping the platform, it’s still a viable tool with a rapid growth pattern. SEO is out the door on this one—hashtags have taken over. We’ve got a couple of quick ideas that you can do for free, and one that won’t cost you much at all, but may drive a deeper point. (And be far more attractive.)


Vector Graphics

 Vector is a free-to-use program to put stellar 2D graphics on your photographs, such as vintage-styled captions and word in awesome arrays. You’ve seen vintage t-shirts and longform text-based sweatshirts with obscure messages, most probably in a Facebook ad, but nonetheless, it’s an eye-catching style that you can throw over your brand photo, pop a link in the description, and voila—you’re a marketer.



 Actually responding to your followers, on any platform, drives customer loyalty that much further. People get unnecessarily stoked when the owner of any social media page responds to them directly, and when they can tell it’s not automated. No copy and paste solutions here.


Hire A Model

You can go on micro-task sites like Fiverr and find attractive women who will model with an image of your product, or take it one step further and get an entire campaign going. If you use Model Mayhem, you can find local models who aren’t Kate Upton, so their rates will be far cheaper, and you can get multiple advertisement campaigns going. A local model with a local photographer, and you’re not breaking the bank to get a small campaign with your product or service going.

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