Ice Cream

Ice Cream Can Get You Drunk; Really It’s True

It’s 2017—we should have alcoholic ice cream. How else are we supposed to deal with the world? The idea alone was crazy… crazy enough to work. We’ve seen alcoholic sodas arising all over the market these past few years, so now it’s ice cream’s churn. (See what I did there?)


Wine Cream

 There’s a company by the name of Mercer’s that began selling their very own wine ice cream. You actually have to be 21-years-old to purchase it, ID check and all. The funny part is, it’s only as viscous as a can of Coors, but if you binge a whole pint, you’ll be dizzy as hell.


We’ve all seen different recipes online before, complimenting alcohol and ice cream in a brilliant marriage of epic proportions. However, it’s not being blended into different ice creams and sold as such. This isn’t a trend that’s going to die down anytime soon. What better way to get Summer kicked-off than mixing the two best parts of long, hot days?


note from the editor – I currently mix my Blue Bell ice cream with a couple of shots of whisky and add a bit of milk to make a great evening dessert with a kick.