HPs Spectre X2

HP Spectre X2 – Comprehensive Overview & User Review

Every now and again, I butt heads with our editor here on FourteenRobots. He’s a mac guy, I’m an HP-only guy; it can get down to the wire. When I look at an HP product, it rarely falls flat on features. To make him happy, though, I promised him an iPad Pro review. Without further ado, let me get into the HP Spectre X2.


HP And The Microsoft Surface Are Distant Cousins

We’ve been seeing tablets pop up all around everywhere for years now, but what sets them apart? Quality. Microsoft continues to pump out new models of their Surface Pro, and they’re exceptional pieces of tech. However, they’re more of the same from Microsoft: the build increases, features are added, but you’re still stuck with most of the restrictions that Microsoft puts on their products.


While HP isn’t going to be the best option for Mac users, you will get the best bridge between Mac features versus PC features. The Spectre X2 is great for students, professionals, and artists alike. If you’re going to make the investment, you should also go with a case and keyboard combo, however. As with any tablet, typing quickly on a touchscreen requires improvement.


The Core Features

 When you get into the internal specs for this PC/tablet hybrid, you’re getting superior features compared to most tab lets on the market. I’d even be willing to put this neck and neck with Samsung’s Galaxy tablet in terms of value and specifications.


HP Spectre X2 Specs
Price $1149.00 (Standard)
Resolution 1,920 X 1,280
CPU 1.2GHx Intel Core
Storage 256GB SSD
Operating System Windows 10
Graphics Intel HD 515
Networking 802.11 Bluetooth


A quarter gig of internal storage for a tablet hybrid is nothing to scoff at. Mix that with all the necessary ports along the outer section of the bezel, and you’re looking at a standard tablet: but wait, there’s more.


You get the same feel of an iPad Pro when you hold it in your hands. I got to toy around with this tablet hybrid for a while at Best Buy before the sales guy told me to shove it, and got to test most of the features for myself. It’s got a good, distributed weight to it—gone are the days of holding a tablet and feeling like it’s going to topple over your spread palm.



 When you grab that case I mentioned earlier, you’ll get to enjoy the same feel of a touchscreen laptop. That depends on the quality of the keyboard you select, however. If you’re not the type to pop open the kickstand and sit for awhile, you’ll still get all the proper functionality when you flip it sideways. Just be ready for some typos on that onscreen keyboard.


If you’re plumped on the train during your morning commute, you’ll definitely want something to do. If you’re like me, and reading while on a moving train makes you queasy, or staring at a screen for that matter, you’ll get exceptional audio quality out of the Spectre. Headphones and good audio equipment are two halves of the same whole.


Business Use

 If you’re spending your free time working on collaborative projects, such as on the best platform we know—DropBox Paper—you’ll be able to utilize apps with lightning-fast response times and real time information. The Spectre has a standard Bluetooth connection for optimal Wi-Fi speeds, and of course, there’s always the option of getting a data plan for continuous use. When you pair cloud-based services alongside your new Spectre X2, you’ll be able to manage everything you do from your Spectre, and have it all sent to your desktop to await you when you get to work.


Overall, the bottom line is this: HPs Spectre X2 falls between the cracks of an iPad Pro, and Microsoft Surface. For those of you who simply can’t get enough tablet action, you’ll fall in love with HPs hybrid rendition.


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