Guy taking a selfie with iPhone

How to Instagram

1. Don’t sell. Don’t portray yourself as a salesperson. Social media is meant to be for sharing exciting posts.


2. Share other posts and give credit where it’s due. If there’s music in the post with video, mention the artists and title of song if possible. Even who edited the video if someone other than you. Tag anyone portrayed or mentioned in the post. Search for those people before beginning the post creation so you have the right username for everyone involved.


3. Write caption first, then tags at the bottom of your caption. You have 30 hashtags allowed to post. In the beginning stages, use this to its fullest. Be aware of banned hashtags. Do not use unrelated hashtags.


4. Use location. This increases visibility by 20%.


5. Avoid extended captions unless it’s necessary or if your audience expects it. Considering Instagram focuses on images, most users will not read through the captions.


6. Attempt consistency on the style of posts. Maybe all black and white. Maybe all smiling faces. Consistency helps the followers know what to expect.


7. Post at least three times a day minimum. The more posts, the better. Keep the posts positive, informative or intriguing. Consider taking photos with a pro or semi-pro camera. People notice the quality, and you’ll get more interaction overall.


8. Faces get more likes than inanimate objects. Smiling faces get even more likes. Crowd having fun ranks high if the photo is high quality. Famous faces get even more likes if you’re in the type of industry that surrounds celebrities.