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How to Find Great Hourly Employees

Where’s the first place you go to find hourly employees? Indeed? Career Builder? Monster?   Craigslist? The chances are good that one or all of these are your go-to platforms when you need to fill a position.


But they are just the tip of the potential employee iceberg. Especially for front-line candidates. The workforce of today is just different than past generations, so your hiring process better be different too.



Know Your Candidates

The days of the 40 hour work week, full benefits and job security might as well be sitting in the “Museum of Ancient Work Rituals” or some other dusty place. The candidates you will find today no longer buy into the all-powerful, rewarding and loyal company where mom or dad worked.


The workforce today is looking for something different than the generations before them. Quality of life and flexibility in a job position are not only attractive; they are prerequisites. According to a recent study by the job site Monster, many hourly workers prefer 30 or fewer hours per week and lack of benefits is not necessarily a deal breaker.



Today’s job seekers want a job that fits them, not the other way around.

Keep in mind that while your company is checking out candidates on the internet, those same candidates are checking your business out as well! Your potential candidates crawl forums and other social media to see if your company is a place they may want to work. These are the same sites and applications you need to be on to find your next employee.


Just like your potential recruits are different than they used to be, your interviewing process has to follow suit. You can’t just interview anymore; you must have a conversation. Be realistic about the position and other relevant factors. Solicit feedback from your candidates on where they have been and where they are going. The more you “converse” and the less you “interview,” the more you will learn. The more you listen, the better.



Know Where to Look

You can find good candidates on the favorite job sites, but they feature only a small portion of the available work pool. To increase your odds of finding that “just right” hire, you better go where a lot of your potential employees go. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels are where today’s candidates hang out.


While we are firmly in the “digital age,” there are plenty of candidates to be found with some of the “old-fashioned” ways of recruiting. Whether online or in your own neighborhood, the most promising candidates are the ones that are already working. That guy at the convenience store who always has a smile on his face. THAT’S the guy you want to look at. The woman at the grocery store who knows where everything can be found and is glad to show you. She is a candidate worth checking out.


And don’t forget networking. Your neighbors and friends probably knows someone who is dependable and reliable and needs a job. Let everyone you know that you are always looking for good help.