Cabin in the meadow

How to escape

Disclaimer: I didn’t run away. I have no experience in escaping. I’m not planning on disappearing, but if I did, this is how I’d do it.

Imagine this. You’re laying on the hammock, smoking a cigar, having a drink right next to your mobile home. You have a new job in which you control your schedule and whether you work or not. You are the boss. People always say you only have one life to live, but they never specify how many identities you can have. This plan is your chance to start a new life with a clean slate and no trace of your previous life. The following are some of the precautions to accomplish this plan effectively.

1- Never mention your plan or share any hints of leaving to anyone. Live your life as usual as you plan. This step takes time to prepare, and it’ll be worth the patience. Don’t even tell family or friends. The idea is to disappear without anyone knowing why or how.


2a- if you want to stay in the states, you’ll need a different ID. Make sure when you browse the internet that you do it in a library or public computer, instead of your own. Look for services that offer fake IDs and get one from the state(s) you’re interested in residing.


2b- if you’re leaving the country, you’ll need to get a passport with the fake ID. Pass through a neighboring country that you’re planning on staying for good. The neighboring country is the bridge to your end destination.


3- Save enough money to buy your bus/home with cash and use your fake ID if needed. When you buy it, furnish it and prepare it for the day of your escape. You can store it with a family (not yours) that has land and pay them a small monthly rent. Look for a small town nearby. This suggestion helps you avoid using ID and attract any suspicion. This step takes a while too so hang tight, save enough cash and don’t put it in a bank. It’s recommended to place the money where nobody can find it but you. Sometimes within a wall or behind a frame are famous places but nowadays overlooked. An old pair of boots or wrapped in clothes you don’t wear would be other options.


4- Find work that can be done remotely from your mobile home. You’ll be leaving everything behind including your bank accounts, credit cards tied to your name and your car. Everything. Don’t let anybody think you ran away by clearing a bank account or overspending on a credit card. Don’t spend anything out of the ordinary during your plan of escape. Live a healthy life until you’re ready to hit the road after work.


5- Purchase a non-smartphone or if you want a smartphone, get one that’s pre-paid and not tied to your name or address. If you have a laptop to work remotely, you’ll likely not need a smartphone. Save some money on that and stick to a computer for income.


6- Create new email accounts for your remote work and computer. You’ll need to format your laptop to make sure all data and tracking for your current name have disappeared. Leaving without a trace is not an easy task if you’re planning on using technology so you’ll need to make sure anything that can track you and let someone else know you’re alive gets deleted.


7- Don’t do it! Instead of draining your energy in hiding from the world that surrounds you, focus on fixing your current one and start enjoying it with your real name. If you feel you need to move, go for it. If you haven’t been honest with someone and you feel like you’re not entirely happy, talk. Speak up! Don’t be afraid of the outcome if you’re fair and reasonable with yourself.