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How to Build an Email List for Your Business from Scratch

One of the fundamental pillars of any business’s social presence is its email list.

It is often difficult for an up-and-coming business to form an email list early. Some companies instead opt for the more straightforward, and arguably much less effective way, of buying email lists. Right off the bat, let me tell you that if you use this method, you’ll inevitably fail as a business. Instead, there’s only one way to grow your businesses successfully, and that is organically. This means building your email list from the ground up. If people are voluntarily signing up for your email list, that means that your consumer base will have a high response rate to any information or product you put out.


How Does One Start?

It’s time to look at your business objectively and consider two fundamental questions:

1. What can your business offer online that others don’t?
2. What is the unique value proposition of signing up to your email list?


As a business, you’re looking to provide something valuable but is also easily accessible. For example, perhaps signing up for your business’s newsletter ensures a free e-book download? – Or a product demonstration? Or a free trial? The lead for your email list is crucial to bringing in new followers and traffic. Without an enticing lead that gives individuals a legitimate reason to sign-up, you will never garner enough traffic for an email list to be worthwhile.


Treat Value as the Foundation

By providing a value for sign-ups, you can then spread the word about your email list via social media channels. If your lead is eye-catching and worthwhile, you’ll get clicks. It’s most important to put yourself in the reader’s shoes: what would make me want to sign up for this business’s email? For example, I’d sign up for a newsletter if it meant I would receive a free trial. And I would be a more active follower of the business if I, on top of receiving my sample, I liked it.


So What’s This All Mean for Your Business?

Your email list consists of your most dedicated consumers. They were the ones that opted to explicitly sign up for your emails, anyway. So of course, treat them: make it worthwhile for those who sign up to your email list.

And most importantly, make sure whatever value you offer in your emails matches with your business’s product. Your email list should serve as a means to not only communicate with your consumer base but also inform them of any new developments within the business.

Think of your email list as complimentary to your products but also the fundamental ingredient to giving your business the visibility it deserves.