A father and his baby boy out in the woods. Photo by Katii Bishop

How Dads can Prepare for a Baby

Dads have to give a mum maximum material, moral, psychological and physical support to enable her to get through the pregnancy. It not a question of how much money the dad has to contribute towards the baby’s feature in regards to the basics of life, but the dedication and commitment of being the Dad that will successfully get the baby through pregnancy, infancy, childhood, and teenagerhood to adulthood.

Dads can prepare for a baby through the following ways.


Assuring the Moms of their commitment to Baby’s well being

 This is the initial step that dads can undertake upon learning of their pregnancy. Assuring the mums that they will always be there cannot only lead to a healthy pregnancy but also enable the dads to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility vital in good parenting practices.


Demonstrating Responsibility for the Baby from Conception

The dads have to be part and parcel of the baby’s life from conception. The act of their participation can involve protecting the mum from harmful situations, accompanying the mum to neonatal clinical visits and creating a healthy environment for the mum for pregnancy to develop health wise.


Joining Social Support groups

The aspiring dad should consider joining social support teams for aspiring dads in the community. This might give the dads a more profound insight into proper parenting and nurture of the baby after birth. Mostly, aspiring dads might be surprised at how little they know about parenting once they get to hear real life experiences from other dads. Under such fora, there might be occasional Dads empowerment seminars that may go a long way to prepare the dad in welcoming the bundle of joy adequately.


Seeking Help from a Professional

Dads can seek for a deeper understanding of baby nurturing from a professional such as a pediatrician or early childhood development experts. The professionals can advise the aspiring dads on the dos and don’ts of babies nurturing such as how to administer emergency first aid against; chocking, head falls, burns, etc.


Practical Baby caring

In anticipation for a baby, dads can take part in mock baby caring exercises. The concept of these exercises is that dads will get accustomed to the baby dynamics and body languages that are typical of them and learn how to cope with each arising situation. In this physical exercise, dads can be given a hybrid baby doll with human-like tendencies. The dad is then awarded points that coincide with the care that they provide. With the doll behaviors being on the upper extreme, dads can get accustomed to handling even the most demanding of the babies.


On the same note, aspiring dads can offer to babysit for their friend’s baby in a day or hours just to get acquainted with baby behaviors.



Babies are entirely different in behavioral aspects. There is no guarantee that preparing for a baby through a particular approach will come into practice. The most important point is for dads to make the best out of their parenting role and get ready to adapt to the specific needs of the baby.