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Hard working Man’s Hygiene Kit

If you believe that only women need all of their lotions, moisturizers, and face scrubs congesting the bathroom, then you my friend are terribly mistaken. Men need some love and care, especially those of them who work intensively for long hours. Quite simply, men deserve to be pampered too. Tackling the obvious like clipping your toenails or washing your hair is just the start of things fellas. Any guy with a girlfriend, sister, or mother knows that women pay attention to every little detail—way more than you’ll ever notice.


That’s why we want to share the details about this stellar personal hygiene kit working men can be proud to use. Whether it’s for dad, your son, or brother, this deluxe kit is specifically designed with men’s needs in mind and perfect for working the man. When racing against the clock, shaving and beard care can quickly become cumbersome, but with all of the essentials made from natural ingredients and oils in one box, you can’t go wrong with it. The packaging and presentation is unique and will make pampering fun for any man.


The manly salves, scrubs, and balms included are specially made to meet the needs of the working man. From soothing aching feet, to softening cracked lip and buffing out of dry, rough, tired hands, this kit goes above and beyond to get the job dirty done. Inside this nicely-tuned kit, you will find a 7.5 ounce walnut, scrub, 3.6 ounce soap for men, 1.5 ounce and Salve 1.5, 3 ounce all natural deodorant stick, 8 ounce hand lotion, 0.6 ounce foot salve, and 0.2 ounce peppermint lip balm. Boy, is that a lot of bang for your buck! Especially now that you can make grooming the easier part of the equation and join in on the fun.


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