Couple on a date hacing dinner

Great Ideas on How to Pop the Question

Love is a school of life where everybody learns at their own pace. It is unique in definition and manifestation to different people, and there is no standardized objectified meaning of love. There is so much debate around the essence of love such that the only underlying factor of Love is a strong feeling of responsibility that matures with time and experiences. From flings to obsessions to crushes, love finally develops to be a fully-fledged sense of commitment to a person on which you bring your own needs second to the needs of your loved one. In such a case, it is vital to carry on to the next level: Marriage Proposal.


Even if you are the most macho of guys and whatever you do sends your lady into a euphoric bliss, you should consider being unique as this moment might mark your transition from a bachelor to a husband. Here are some great ideas on how to pop the question and forever leave an indelible mark on the heart of your loved one.


Throw a party where everyone who matters to her is present

Most ladies would give an eye just to get their dear friends, relatives, and co-workers witness this moment of their lives. If you live in a suburb, you might consider enlisting the services of party planners who might set up a themed party reminiscent of the favorite colors of your fiancé to be. Ensure that the music is romantic, the foods are incredible, and the lighting is fantastic just to enhance the theme of “Will you marry me?”



Did you first spot her on a subway train and took her in your arms after her heels broke? Was it in a science symposium on your sophomore year of college? Did you spill coffee on her dress and her hot slap got you red with embarrassment in front of restaurateurs?… the situations are unique. She might find it very touching and thoughtful to pop the question exactly where you first laid eyes on each other.


A Gourmet Date

A restaurant date never goes wrong. The romance-laden atmosphere is complemented by exquisite champagnes and fine gourmets that tantalize her taste buds. There is so much you can do other than going down on your knee in the middle of the date. You might try having her served on a plate bearing your handwriting reading “Tiffany, will you marry me?” The same can be written on the tablecloth, bottom of the wine glass or under the serviettes. As soon as she reads the word, you should go down on your knee and reiterate the question as you slip the ring to her finger amid her ecstatic YESSES.


Public Holidays

How about the Saint Patrick’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Heroes Day or any holiday that is of much significance to her? Such a choice of a day might intrigue her of how thoughtful you are in trying to make the day memorable and coincide with an important day.