Gentleman Jack

Whiskey: the father of all alcohol. The older, wiser brother of Vodka. The estranged cousin to Tequila. It’s the epitome of a gentleman’s beverage, right up there along its twin brother, Scotch. The good folks at Jack Daniels have given us another heavenly gift: Gentleman Jack.

This is the go-to for someone who doesn’t like whiskey, but wants to give it another shot. With all the pretentious wordplay aside, it’s simply a damn fine whiskey. You get a little bit less of a burn with Gentleman Jack, and a smoother ride down, which is more appealing to those who aren’t avid whiskey drinkers. Then, for the rest of us, there’s something you can’t simply fabricate into a top-shelf whiskey: clarity.

If you unwind with a glass of Jack Daniels every now and again, you’ll completely unravel after a swig of Gentleman Jack. No, you’re not going to get “wasted” or immediately lose the feeling in your legs. It hits a spot that you didn’t even know was there. It truly lives up to the name—Gentleman Jack is going to run you a bit more than traditional Jack, but if you’re serious about a superior whiskey, then you’re missing out by not having a glass in your fist right now.

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