How Did The First Adult Toy Store Begin?

Now that’s some serious food for thought. Sex shops have been a part of American culture (really, global culture,) for decades now. You probably remember driving past one on the main road of your home city, somewhere between school and baseball practice, and always wondered what it was.

The world hasn’t always been open to the idea of sex in general. In 1919, Beate Uhse was born, and would become Germany’s only female stunt pilot in all of the 1930s. She was in the middle of Berlin during an attack in 1945, and while her husband didn’t make it, she rescued her nearly-infantile son, her son’s nanny, and two other people as she commandeered a plane safely out of the city. Trust me—we’re getting to the sex shop part soon enough.

When she had retired from flying, due to the need dissipating completely, she began selling contraception techniques door to door as a saleswoman. She came from a family that discussed sexuality in an open forum, and when she realized the closed-off mentality towards contraception, let alone anything else that could be tacked onto the word sex, the gears in her head began moving.

After surviving stomach cancer, she opened the world’s first sex shop in West Germany, called the Beate Uhse Erotic Museum, and pioneered the sex industry. It started with toys, and quickly adapted to include lingerie, and other various products. All thanks to a female, non-military German pilot birthed nearly a hundred years ago, we now have walk-in sex shops, which as we all know, has adapted into online vendors, such as Adam & Eve.

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