Fourteen Robots is made possible by the publisher. One person who loves to be in business for himself, learn a few things here and there, enjoy time with his family and have a drink at the end of the hard work week. Fourteen Robots focuses on business tips for men who don’t have much time. Fourteen Robots also focuses on family tips, ideas and advice and even reviews on vice which includes brews, spirits, cigars, bars, restaurants, tech toys and other gear we think you’ll enjoy.


How is Fourteen Robots kept afloat?

Fourteen Robots is currently under 14 Robots, LLC which is a creative and print services company. We’re looking for advertisers or sponsors to help keep it alive. We’re open for partnership, contributions and ideas to make Fourteen Robots even better. Use the contact form below to contact The Publisher.

If you feel compelled:

Any other projects you have in mind related to Fourteen Robots?

We’re planning on creating a world map that includes all whiskeys of the world, big and small. This poster will be printed on a big canvas. It’s a project that will take time during research and database to create which will also be availale for Fourteen Robots readers.

Who writes the articles?

Fourteen Robots is made possible in thanks to many contributing freelance writers. You’ll find their names at the foot of the page and you can contact them or read the articles they’ve written for Fourteen Robots. Some articles are written by The Publisher or his wife.

What is Fourteen Robots about?

Fourteen Robots is all about providing married entrepreneurs some healthy entertainment. Topics include business tips, family advice and vice reviews.

How many people manage this site?

One person. Let’s just call him The Publisher. He’s a graphic designer, photographer, family man with a wife, kid and a dog.