Empress Gin

Empress 1908 Gin

For my personal consumption, I approach gin with a predetermined expectation that I’m not going to like it. There are a lot of gins out there that just simply don’t do it for me; alas, I’ve met my match—Empress defines gin.


It’s a brand-new gin, only released as of the past summer of ’17. This beauty will morph colors depending on what additives you throw in there, but I found the best way to enjoy it, as is with any premier alcohol: on the rocks. Splashing a few ounces of this over a scotch ice ball hits a spot that up until now, you didn’t even know you had.


You’re not breaking the bank on this, either. This will blend with just about any mixer you’ve got on the shelf and compliments a wide range of other alcohols. If Empress isn’t staying around, I’d grab a few bottle to stash away for reuniting with college friends.



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