Moral Compass

Empower Your Family With These Five Silent Rules

Media overload, exposure to violent news, the constant stream of negative information—does this all sound familiar? It’s new America. When we live in a world that’s constantly trying to bring us down, it’s up to you to bring your family up and empower them in this sea of uncertainty. Fourteen Robots are here to help.


  1. Keep It Positive

Silent rules are all about unspoken agreements. When you bring each other up, and you stay positive about everything, you’re going to see a rippling effect take place. Using positive words and staying away from negative tones will set your family on the right path, and help them keep their heads up even when they want to lean them down.


  1. Prioritize

 If you have a heap on your plate, prioritize tasks before you do anything else. Show your children and your wife that you’re able to handle things, do it in an orderly fashion, and maintain your family while doing so. Not everything can be done at the drop of a hat, and not everything should. This is also a silent lesson to show your family how it’s done.


  1. Pay Forward

 For no other reason than being a good person and following your moral compass, you should always pay it forward. Never do it in a way that shows your family, “Look at me, I’m paying it forward,” but just do it even when nobody’s looking. It pays off in the end (no pun intended).


  1. Take Care of Family First

 You can’t give everything away; you need to care for your wife and children before anything else. This shows them that you’re not only prioritizing properly but that you’ll do anything for them, as is your position as patriarch of the family.


  1. Settling Things Your Way

 That doesn’t mean “Highway or my way.” I can’t stand those guys. What it does mean is compromising appropriately, and showing your family that you can handle things in a non-aggressive, calm tone. Yelling and negative behavior damages your family’s psyche, piece by piece, brick by brick. When you resolve things calmly, it’s helpful for everyone.