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How DropBox Paper Is Replacing Email

For those of us who use email—being the entire world—you’re probably used to Google’s Gmail. Even if it isn’t your main provider, there’s a chance that you tried it at one point. While Google continues to expand on all of their services, there’s one they simply can’t compete with, and it’s growing like a wildfire. It’s DropBox’s new feature: DropBox Paper, and it’s quickly poising to replace email as we know it.


Integrated Features

While Gmail allows you to attach multiple file types, DropBox Paper does not. You can, however, upload text-based documents, and use key elements seen in popular word processors like Microsoft Word for tables, bullet point features, and numbered lists. You also get to access a comments section along the right side of the screen.


Which Audience This Appeals To

 You can’t put a DropBox Paper account name down in lieu of an email address. You even need an email address to sign up for DropBox; so how could it possibly be replacing email as we know it? It applies to those of us who are on our email accounts from dawn until dusk; we’re constantly awaiting on some sort of project, information, or applications. This applies to those who use collaborative software in their day-to-day operations, such as content-driven website hosts and operators, freelancer writers, and everyone in between.


What’s The Big Deal?

 The big deal is this: if you’re the lead on a project, and you’re rushing left and right for real-world tasks, whether it’s meetings, consultations, or you’re just working your normal day job, then you know one thing better than anyone—there isn’t enough time to chase down project workers. Your writer lives in Taiwan, your editor lives in Israel, but your graphic design artist is all the way in Sydney. When on earth are you going to be able to reach everyone separately? Well, you don’t have to anymore. You don’t have to wait on projects, you don’t have to sit in the dark while they’re creating content that you may not be okay with, and it appeals to your content creators, as well. Quicker turnaround; quicker invoices.


You can control your project on-the-go from the app. Whether you’re in the back of an Uber or waiting to board your flight, you can check in on your project, and give out directives as necessary. You can assign specific tasks to specific employees; when they finish, they hit their finish button, and you get an email notification. You can alter the notifications proximities to even be alerted when someone has begun working on the document.


You can utilize the comments section to work in real time with your employees, and direct them as necessary. Projects will be output faster. If you’re worried that your employees are saying that a project is late, when in turn they haven’t even started it yet, (we’ve all been there,) then you’re already at your wits end. In DropBox Paper, everything is right in front of you. You know that Mark wrote up 200 words on Saturday morning, and that Natasha added a design on Sunday at four in the afternoon. It’s all in the palm of your hands.


Business Class

 If you find yourself using DropBox Paper on a daily basis, just like we do, then I’ve got news for you: you start out with 2GB of storage space. Between text-based documents and imagery, you’ll be able to enjoy your free version of DropBox for way longer than you need to see that it’s a great fit for you and your business. And then, you could always upgrade to the premium version.


Trust us; you’re going to love it.