Digital Marketing Strategy Warning Signs

Marketing Strategy   Digital marketing is such a hot field right now that many creative agencies think that they walk on water. The belief is that any digital marketing is already as good as it gets and there’s nothing to worry about. The truth, though, is a bit more nuanced.

It’s true that digital marketing offers benefits that go far beyond those of traditional advertising. In contrast to television advertising, digital marketing connects you with prospects and current customers online and can be an interactive exchange in which both parties end up learning more about the other.

Digital marketing can also provide more return on investment compared to traditional advertising since digital marketing can be ongoing and continuous (e.g., the long-term benefits of blog content). On top of all that, digital marketing should enable you to better serve your mobile customers and even provide real-time customer service.

With all of these benefits, you might be thinking that there’s nothing not to love with digital marketing. That’s true when digital marketing is done correctly. But what are some ways that companies can fall short of realizing all of the benefits that digital marketing has to offer?

Overlooking Search Engine Optimization

Startups and even established companies that focus all of their digital marketing efforts on creating an awesome website with regular blog material are on the right path. Sometimes, though, these same companies quit work early and fail to incorporate their website into a large search engine optimization campaign.

Search engine optimization is all about using keywords and links to increase your findability on major search engines like Google. When done the right way, search engine optimization can increase the number of website visitors and ultimately the number of customers who decide to solicit business from your company.

A lot of companies have begun thinking about search engine optimization a bit like the propulsion that sends their website to the moon! so make sure you hire a reputable SEO link building service.

Social Media is Definitely Important…But…

Many startups get completely fixated on how many likes and followers they have on social media sites like Facebook. That can be indirectly important, but make sure to link back to your website.
KPIs and Better Metrics Help Too
Your digital marketing efforts will be at a disadvantage if you can’t keep metrics on how well individual marketing campaigns are improving your visibility and bottom line. Ideally when you unveil a new digital marketing strategy you’ll have key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics ready to go in order to test how well that new marketing strategy is enhancing your results.

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